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We Are The Church: Lesson 2


Act it out

Supplies: Phone or Computer With Internet Access

For this activities you are going to share something about yourself without using any words. Each person will get to act out something they like, dislike, or just something about themselves in general. Everyone else has to guess what they are acting out.

You can do this with someone in your home, over Zoom, even FaceTime a friend or relative.


Tabernacle Trivia

Supplies: Click the button for a link to the handout that contains the answers.

Q1: The Tabernacle was divided into two places. Which of these is not one of those places. 

A) Holy Place

B) Most Holy Place

C) Room of the Ark

Q2: The Ark of the Covenant was the most important part of the Tabernacle. What did it hold?

Q3: The Golden Lampstand in the Tabernacle had how many lights?

Q4: The Table of Showbread was made large enough so that 12 loaves of bread would fit on it. Who was allowed to eat the bread?

Q5: The Tabernacle was viewed as God's home. What was burned to make it smell better?

A) Tufts of Hair

B) Incense 

C) Cloths Covered in Oil

Q6: What was the name of the Altar where animals were sacrificed?

A) Altar of Animal Sacrifice

B) Altar of Atonement

C) Brazen Altar

Tabernacle Trivia Handout

Being the Church:

Read then discuss these paragraphs on St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi started out as a wealthy Italian merchant’s son, enjoying the lavish things in life, like big parties and fancy clothes. He went to war as a knight of Assisi and was transformed by the suffering he experienced as a prisoner of war. When Francis returned home, he received a call from God while he was praying. He heard God telling him to restore the church, and this prompted a spiritual journey toward simplicity, justice, prayer, and the care of creation. Francis founded the Catholic order of Franciscans, an order or group of people and communities that live by the values of creating community, showing compassion, reverence of creation, and peacemaking.

St. Francis paid close attention to nature all around him and worshipped God by caring for all created things. When Francis was young, he had all the good things money could buy. He wore fancy clothes, threw big parties, and went on big vacations. But as he grew up, Francis felt like something was missing. He began to pray to God and pay attention to small things in the world around him. Francis began to befriend all kinds of animals, showing them gentleness and patience to earn the animals’ trust. One day he was out in nature, and an entire flock of birds gathered on the ground before him and even perched on his head and shoulders. Francis felt called to preach the gospel to the birds. As the story goes, Francis encouraged them to praise God in every beat of their wings and note of their singing, and thanked them for the example that Jesus saw in this parable: “Look at the birds in the sky. They don’t sow seed or harvest grain or gather crops into barns. Yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” (Matthew 6:26a)

  •   How do you think it would feel to look up and have all kinds of birds gathered around you?

  •   Have you ever had a special encounter with an animal, or noticed something wonderful in nature?

  •   How do you think St. Francis’ connection with God helped him welcome others?

* For an extra activity find a picture of St. Francis of Assisi and do your best to recreate that picture. When you are done post a picture of your recreation on our forums by Clicking Here!