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Reading with Magnifying Glass

Games and Activities

Lesson 1

God GA 1: Welcome

Opening Quiz

Supplies: A piece of Paper, writing utensil and an envelope if possible

Our curriculum that we will be talking about deals with questions that we have about God. We are going to start by answer a few questions. After we answer them we will fold them up and put them in an envelope or away somewhere. (Remember where you put it)

At the end of the week we will answer the same questions and compare them to these answers to see what we have learned over the week. 

Questions about God?

Where is God?

When in history has God shown up?

Who is God?

Why does God Love us?

What is God to you?

(Optional) What is one questions that you have about God?

God GA 1: Text

Drawing God

Supplies: Paper and Art Supplies, Scripture from Psalm 122:1-9

We know from scripture that we are created in the image of God. Psalm 122 gives us an idea of just how well God knows each of us. This activity is designed to help show what we know about God. We are going to read a few scriptures about God. Use the paper and art supplies that you have and make a drawing of God who what you know about God. 

Take 5 minutes on your creation and then spend some time sharing it with those around you. If you don't feel comfortable showing your art work then talk about some of the things you drew. 

* For those that want to share their creation we have a forum designed for you to share your creation with other Bridgeport in a Box Campers. Through out the summer we will be showcasing these creations on our website and social media. If we share yours then we will send you a little something from our online Snack Shack. 

God GA 1: Text

Roll the Dice
Show and Tell

Supplies: Dice or Dice Rolling app

We are going to play the same game that is found in our opening discussion and prayer. This time we are going to add a twist! 

Roll a dice- whatever number you come up the kind of item that you have to go get for a show and tell. 

  1. Pick something silly

  2. Pick something that starts with the letter B

  3. Pick something that has to do with a hobby you have

  4. Pick anything you want

  5. Pick SOMEONE (or a picture of someone) you are thankful for

  6. Pick something that appeals to your senses (taste, see, smell, hear, touch)

God GA 1: Text
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