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We Are The Church: Lesson 1

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Online Poll

Supplies: Phone or Computer With Internet Access

For this activities we would like you to answer the questions you find at the link below. Others people like yourself will be participating in this poll as well.

Click here to take the poll!

After you have answered all the questions take some time to look at what other answers people gave. Answer the following questions about the results.

·  What did you notice about the answers to the questions? 

·  In what ways were some of the answers different? 

·  Is there anything that is a similarity among all the group? 

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Design a Church

Supplies: Paper and Art Supplies or Legos or Recyclable materials, really anything you want!

If you haven’t noticed we are going to be talking a lot about what it means to be church over the next few days. So let’s start by designing our very own church. We can use the supplies in front of us to create whatever kind of church we want to. Big, small, detailed or not, this is time to create!

When you are finished feel free to post your creation to our online forum and spend some time looking at the designs created by other campers. Click here to visit our forums!

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Facts About Me

Supplies: Phone or tablet with a camera and internet 

Just like we see a building as the church, we also know that a church with no people is just a building. In many respects the church IS the people. As a part of that church we want to know a little about you and give you the chance to get to know others!

Take some time and record a 1 minute video of telling us a little bit about yourself. Start with the information below and then feel free to tell us more! (Remember, limit the video to 1 minute)

·  Tell us your name, grade, and what church you attend, then one interesting thing you want us to know about yourself! 

When you are done post your video to our forums and spend some time getting to know some of our other campers. Click here to go to our forums!

WAC GA 1: Text
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