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Bridgeport Camp 2020 Curriculum Release (May 26th)

Updated: May 1, 2020

Our curriculum team is hard at work taking the curriculum that we had planned at using this summer and adjusting it to work in a virtual space. We are excited to add a second set of curriculum to Bridgeport in a Box. This Curriculum will be released in two parts. Part one will be released on May 26th with the Part two coming some time in June.

While you wait, check out our We Are The Church curriculum that is currently on our website. Don't need a full curriculum? Check out our modules to see just the parts of the curriculum that might be helpful for you! We also have a section of the site dedicated to the things you love most about Bridgeport. Make sure you check back frequently as we will be updating all of this information through out the coming weeks and months.

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