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Bridgeport Activities and Recipes

Below you will find links to recipes and items connected to some of your favorite parts of Bridgeport. We want to encourage you to share pictures and videos of your creations and the fun you have. Who knows, we might even share them on our social media!


Camp Wide Activity:
Shaving Cream Fight

Shaving cream fights are a Bridgeport tradition for many! Get some shaving cream and have your own shaving cream fight and then share a picture or video with us.



Crispitos are a camp favorite for many. Why? No one really knows! We don't ask those kinds of questions here. Click below and you can have your very own Crispitos recipe.


Interest Group:

Lake Bridgeport is home to Bass, Catfish, and many more. Fishing is a camp favorite for many, when it isn't too windy that it gets cancelled. Click the link below for an amazon link to the next best thing.


Snack Shack:
Big Bopper

Everyone knows the snack shack is the best place to blow the $10 your parents gave you for a week of camp. The Big Booper has been a favorite for years, who doesn't want creamy vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 3.14.32 PM.png

Monterey Chicken

Another of the most requested meals at Bridgeport is our Monterey Chicken. Where is Monterey? We don't know but their chicken is delicious! Click below to get a quick and easy recipe for this Bridgeport Favorite.

Rangers Corner:
Pup-Peroni Dog Treats

Our Bridgeport Mascot Ranger wants to remind you that these times are hard on our pups too. Thats why he recommends Pup-Peroni treats for the pup in your life. He has even provided a link to make it easier for you!

BCCC Activities and Recipes: News & Updates

Did we miss something?

Help us grow our list of Bridgeport favorites! We would love to hear from you about what you are missing this summer. Click the button and send us a short message to let us know.

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