2020 Summer Curriculum
GOD? - Part 2

Below you will find the second part of our GOD? curriculum that was originally developed for our 2020 Bridgeport Summer Camp. 

The name of the curriculum is "GOD?". If we are ever going to seek to understand what it means to be created in the image of God then we must spend some time asking difficult questions about God. In this curriculum we explore five common questions we often ask about God.

Part 2 in particular focuses on look at New Testament Scriptures to help us answer these questions about God. Through out the 5 lessons of this curriculum we will look at what scripture has to teach us with regard to each of the questions you find below. 

This variation of the curriculum is designed to be "Ready to go" with all of the prayers, activities and scriptures in an easy to use format.  Simply scroll through each lesson doing the parts that you would like and skipping any sections that you don't need or don't have time for. 

If you would like an even more customizable experience check out our individual modules that break down each lesson by prayer, activity, or bible study. 

Image by Elio Santos

Lesson 1 : Where is God?

Lesson 2: When has God Shown Up?

Image by Jess Bailey
Image by Motoki Tonn

Lesson 3: Who is God?

Lesson 4: Why Does God Love Us?

Image by Jon Tyson
Image by Joshua Earle

Lesson 5: What is God to you?