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Games and Activities

Lesson 5

God GA 5: Welcome

Reflecting on Camp

For this activities we would like you to answer the questions below about your experience this week. 

  • What is the one thing you enjoyed most this week?

  • Which bible story from this week was your favorite and why?

  • If you had to describe this week of camp in one word, which word would you use?

God GA 5: Text

Sharing the Love

Spend some time with your group sharing affirmations about one another. What have you learned and come to appreciate about those who you have shared in this journey with? Give time for every person to receive at least one affirmation from someone in the group.

God GA 5: Text

Closing Quiz

Supplies: Piece of Paper and Writing Utensil 

When started this curriculum we answered some questions and put them away. Before we look at our old answers on a clean sheet of paper answer the following questions. 

Where is God?

When has God Shown Up?

Who is God?

Why Does God Love us?

What is God to you?

Once you have answered the questions, pull out your original answers and compare to two. What differences or similarities do you find? 

God GA 5: Text
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