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Games and Activities

Lesson 3

God GA 3: Welcome

Group Count

Supplies: Phone or Computer With Internet Access or a Timer

For this activity we are going to challenge your family or group to count as high as you can in one minute without two persons speaking at the same time. If two person speak at the same time then your will need to start again. One person may only say one number at a time and must wait for others to speak before speaking again.

We have supplied a one minute timer below for you to use or you may have someone keep time. Feel free to change the duration based on the size of your group.

God GA 3: Text

Pillow Case
Scavenger Hunt

Supplies: A pillowcase or some other bag

Get a pillowcase off your bed or some other bag and grab 3-5 items that represent them (for children ask for favorite things.). Give 3 min to be back. Make sure to keep the contents of the bags a secret.

Have a few campers volunteer to try and guess what may be in someone else’s pillowcase. See how many you can discover without anyone showing!

Depending on how much time you have let campers share one or more of the items they chose and why they chose them.

After you finish, answer the following questions:

  • What made this activity hard?

  • What helped you guess the items you did?

  • How many people here do you know?

  • What could this activity say about God or our faith? (How well does God know us? Would he know everything we would choose?)

God GA 3: Text

The Story of Balaam Comic Strip

We have included this video to help tell the story of Balaam. We encourage you to read the scripture first as it may make following the story a bit easier. Have each student create a blank comic strip with a piece of paper. (We have included an example below.) 

Give them time to watch the video and create a comic strip based on the story of Balaam. At the end have everyone who want to share show and explain their comic. You can also post a picture of your comic on our forums and we might showcase them on our website and social media. We might also send you something from our Online Snack Shack. 

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