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Camp Bible: The Journey

In 2020 our Camp Bible team of directors offered free weekly evening programing led by Kessler Park UMC, FUMC Sherman, FUMC Richardson and White Rock UMC church leaders via Zoom. We will also had free resources for local churches to host their own "Camp Bible" experience, as well as Christmas Boxes that will support Bridgeport Camp and include Traci Smith's "Faithful Families for Advent and Christmas" AND a Bridgeport mask!

We have made the curriculum from our 2020 Virtual Camp Bible available to everyone. Below you find an synopsis of each lesson and a button to download each lesson. 

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The Journey: Lesson Overview

Journey of the Ancestors

December 2: 6-7pm

Rev. Kay Ash, Minister of Christian Education at Kessler Park UMC, will lead our campers through our first Camp Bible lesson, "Journey of the Ancestors". In this lesson our campers will be guided through the list of Jesus ancestors found in the Matthew's Gospel and how this reveals God's presence on our journey.

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Journey with the Wise Men

December 9: 6-7pm

Associate Director of Children's Minister of FUMC Richardson, Natalie Nenovich, will lead our campers through our second lesson, Journey of the Wise Men. In this lesson we will discuss what the journey of the wise men has to teach us about what gifts we have to bring to Jesus!

Image by Robert Thiemann

Journey with Mary and Joseph

December 16: 6-7pm

Karin Jones-Moore of White Rock United Methodist church will lead our campers through the third lesson, "Journey with Mary and Joseph". In this lesson we discuss how Mary’s and Joseph’s journey was the incarnation: God’s love made flesh among us in the form of a tiny baby. As we continue our own journeys, we know that God’s love is with us too.

Image by Gareth Harper

Journey with the Shepherds

December 23: 6-7pm

Rev. Abbey Echols, Directors of Children's at FUMC Sherman, will lead our campers through our final lesson, "Journey with the Shepherds". In this lesson children will learn about the wonder of Christ’s arrival from the perspective of the shepherds and how it shows that the Good News of Jesus Christ is to be shared with all, regardless of social or political status.

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