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Created to be...

Summer 2022 Curriculum

Overall, this curriculum is seeking to connect scripture with some of the core beliefs and ideas that are distinctly United Methodist. In the lessons below our campers will talk about who we are created to be, and how our perspective as United Methodists helps us interpret what scripture says about our God-given identity. God creates us and before we even know what it means, God claims us as beloved children. As we grow and learn, God gives us new ways to understand the world, and we discover God’s presence all around us. And God doesn’t just create us as individuals–we are created for community, to live and learn connected to each other. The more we live as a community created by God, the more we recognize our responsibility to care for others and the world around us.

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Available Curriculum: About
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Past Summer Curriculum

We have made our 2019 and 2020 summer curriculum available to everyone for their own use. We are working hard to add more curriculum to this list. Our hope is that the hard work of our curriculum team will live on in churches and families who find this curriculum helpful. Feel free to use it however is helpful for you and please reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Holy Spirit

2018 Curriculum

GOD? - Part 1

2020 Curriculum

Jesus' Humanity

2021 Curriculum

We Are The Church

2019 Curriculum

GOD? - Part 2

2020 Curriculum

Created to be...

2022 Curriculum

Available Curriculum: Merchandise

Other Camp Curriculum

Along with providing summer camp from past summers we are also working to provide curriculum from other popular North Texas Conference Camps like our MidWinter, Conference Confirmation Camp, and Camp Bible.

Camp Bible 2021

What A Friend We Have...

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Camp Bible 2020

"The Journey"

Camp Bible 2019

"Be the Church"

MidWinter 2022

Incredible Women!

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MidWinter 2021

"I AM"

Confirmation Camp

Full Curriculum

At the Library
Available Curriculum: Merchandise
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