Jesus' Humanity

Summer 2021 Curriculum

Overall, this curriculum is seeking to connect our campers with Jesus’ humanity. We often times default to thinking of Jesus in terms of the divine, the miracles and such. While this is by no means bad, in fact is wholly necessary when understanding Jesus, we found it potentially helpful for our campers to spend some time digging into the humanity of Jesus. We are hoping to help the campers connect with Jesus as someone who had similar experiences and emotions. Each of our lessons focuses on an experience or emotion that Jesus had and hopefully relates it to our campers own lives.

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Past Summer Curriculum

We have made our 2019 and 2020 summer curriculum available to everyone for their own use. We are working hard to add more curriculum to this list. Our hope is that the hard work of our curriculum team will live on in churches and families who find this curriculum helpful. Feel free to use it however is helpful for you and please reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Holy Spirit

2018 Curriculum

GOD? - Part 1

Full Curriculum

GOD? - Part 2

Full Curriculum

We Are The Church

2019 Curriculum

GOD? - Part 1

Individual Modules

GOD? - Part 2

Individual Modules

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Other Camp Curriculum

Along with providing summer camp from past summers we are also working to provide curriculum from other popular North Texas Conference Camps like our MidWinter, Conference Confirmation Camp, and Camp Bible.

Camp Bible 2020

"The Journey"

Camp Bible 2019

"Be the Church"

Confirmation Camp

Full Curriculum

MidWinter 2021

"I AM"

At the Library